No Time for Angst

All gamers should get one of these.
Let's keep the hobby fun.

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On Advertising

I've seen a lot of people get shafted trying to run internet ad campaigns. It didn't deter me from trying my own hand at it. Granted, 10,000 impressions for $7.50 is nothing to make light of, when you're a small guy like me.

Having bought two thousand at one site on Thursday and gotten 0 impressions so far is irritating.

Having bought another eight thousand on another site last night, and getting 1 of my paid impressions is somehow just as irritating.

Yes, I'm in "marketing guy" mood again, which means music isn't being made much but promotion is once again the ultimate goal. Why? Because I need a keytar.

Arcanasphere Needs a Keytar

Arcanasphere Needs a Keytar

That's right, I'm taking up a collection. $5.99 + shipping, of which I see very little, will get you sixteen songs of various content length and quality. For all of our troubles, Cafepress may actually cut me a check, which at its minimum will pay about 6% of the funds needed for me to purchase the Roland AX-7 mentioned earlier. Or, as I will name mine some day, Dildor.

By all means, please at least take a listen to some of these songs. This is the better part of seven years' work, although not always the best songs to come out of it. You may find something you like.

Because it's GOOD!

Check out Why Why Why (Psychic Witch Mix) at Arcanasphere's page.

Making those mp3s

Been busy, and mostly weblogging at the main Arcanasphere site these days. Anyone who actively watched this page may want to go look at that site again - it has links to all the new music.

Two new songs on the way!

First on the way is "Make Your Own Deal (Queen of Eyes Remix)". It's the song as I intended it to be, but with two changes. First, I haven't dared touch the vocals yet - I'm waiting until I have some alone time with my studies. Second, I added some extra blips and scratchy noises to make a sort of electronic solo.

Coming shortly thereafter will be "Zombies In Love" - an 80 second mood piece which will never have any vocals. It's kind of like a simpler, more sinister "Final Poetry."

I'm still trying to figure out what to call this next album. Oh yes, I do plan on releasing another album. This one is going to be moodier, and (yes) angstier. But all around, I'm still having a lot of fun and paying out the glorious oriface, and have made $2 back (sort of - I don't get paid until it's more).

As an extra for this weblog, I've been buying more help for my music. This includes a book entitled "Set Your Voice Free" (it's about time, huh?), and the registered version of Tuareg/Tu2 by the amazingly talented Bram Bos. Tu2 has become the heart of my music making these days, and the extras gained for registering it were MORE than worth the $35.