No Time for Angst

All gamers should get one of these.
Let's keep the hobby fun.

About Star Drifter:
  1. A retired administrator at Shadowland.
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  2. A regular poster on the Wizards of the Coast D&D Forums.
    (Look for "Luris Blear")
  3. An irregular poster on the various forums at
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  4. Over ten years of gaming experience.
    Familiar with Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, TWERPS, Champions, Kobolds Ate My Baby, Violence, and unfortunately a few White Wolf games.
  5. Occasional Game Master.
    Most notably in D&D and Heroes Unlimited.
  6. 27 Years old
    18 years of programming experience. Occasional dot-com monkey.
  7. Bad musician when opprotunity permits.
    Industrial MP3 files for download.
    Craven Blog
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No Time for Angst rant-off at EZ-Board.

Two new songs on the way!

First on the way is "Make Your Own Deal (Queen of Eyes Remix)". It's the song as I intended it to be, but with two changes. First, I haven't dared touch the vocals yet - I'm waiting until I have some alone time with my studies. Second, I added some extra blips and scratchy noises to make a sort of electronic solo.

Coming shortly thereafter will be "Zombies In Love" - an 80 second mood piece which will never have any vocals. It's kind of like a simpler, more sinister "Final Poetry."

I'm still trying to figure out what to call this next album. Oh yes, I do plan on releasing another album. This one is going to be moodier, and (yes) angstier. But all around, I'm still having a lot of fun and paying out the glorious oriface, and have made $2 back (sort of - I don't get paid until it's more).

As an extra for this weblog, I've been buying more help for my music. This includes a book entitled "Set Your Voice Free" (it's about time, huh?), and the registered version of Tuareg/Tu2 by the amazingly talented Bram Bos. Tu2 has become the heart of my music making these days, and the extras gained for registering it were MORE than worth the $35.