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All gamers should get one of these.
Let's keep the hobby fun.

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  7. Bad musician when opprotunity permits.
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Arcanasphere Needs a Keytar

Arcanasphere Needs a Keytar

That's right, I'm taking up a collection. $5.99 + shipping, of which I see very little, will get you sixteen songs of various content length and quality. For all of our troubles, Cafepress may actually cut me a check, which at its minimum will pay about 6% of the funds needed for me to purchase the Roland AX-7 mentioned earlier. Or, as I will name mine some day, Dildor.

By all means, please at least take a listen to some of these songs. This is the better part of seven years' work, although not always the best songs to come out of it. You may find something you like.