No Time for Angst

All gamers should get one of these.
Let's keep the hobby fun.

About Star Drifter:
  1. A retired administrator at Shadowland.
    (Don't look for "Star Drifter")
  2. A regular poster on the Wizards of the Coast D&D Forums.
    (Look for "Luris Blear")
  3. An irregular poster on the various forums at
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  4. Over ten years of gaming experience.
    Familiar with Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, TWERPS, Champions, Kobolds Ate My Baby, Violence, and unfortunately a few White Wolf games.
  5. Occasional Game Master.
    Most notably in D&D and Heroes Unlimited.
  6. 27 Years old
    18 years of programming experience. Occasional dot-com monkey.
  7. Bad musician when opprotunity permits.
    Industrial MP3 files for download.
    Craven Blog
  8. Email: star_drifter
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On Advertising

I've seen a lot of people get shafted trying to run internet ad campaigns. It didn't deter me from trying my own hand at it. Granted, 10,000 impressions for $7.50 is nothing to make light of, when you're a small guy like me.

Having bought two thousand at one site on Thursday and gotten 0 impressions so far is irritating.

Having bought another eight thousand on another site last night, and getting 1 of my paid impressions is somehow just as irritating.

Yes, I'm in "marketing guy" mood again, which means music isn't being made much but promotion is once again the ultimate goal. Why? Because I need a keytar.