No Time for Angst

All gamers should get one of these.
Let's keep the hobby fun.

About Star Drifter:
  1. A retired administrator at Shadowland.
    (Don't look for "Star Drifter")
  2. A regular poster on the Wizards of the Coast D&D Forums.
    (Look for "Luris Blear")
  3. An irregular poster on the various forums at
    (as "Vladomir_deNoir")
  4. Over ten years of gaming experience.
    Familiar with Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, TWERPS, Champions, Kobolds Ate My Baby, Violence, and unfortunately a few White Wolf games.
  5. Occasional Game Master.
    Most notably in D&D and Heroes Unlimited.
  6. 27 Years old
    18 years of programming experience. Occasional dot-com monkey.
  7. Bad musician when opprotunity permits.
    Industrial MP3 files for download.
    Craven Blog
  8. Email: star_drifter
    - Use "No Time For Angst" in the subject, or I may dump your message with the massive junkmail that account gets.

No Time for Angst rant-off at EZ-Board.

Because it's GOOD!

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